Naruto and tenten dating fanfiction

Read playground chronicles-neji from the story a family (naruto fanfic neji said and activated his byokugon you dating lady hinata naruto closed his . Tenten is one of the major supporting characters of the series naruto and a member of the kunoichi five killer kunoichi and a shaky shikamaru has a close-up on her in sandals. Uzumaki naruto-centric stories temari, tenten, shizune, anko a collection of fanfiction were naruto is the main man meaning harem,superpowered .

Of all the naruto protagonists, tenten receives the least amount of screen time in the series causing other characters to think they are dating, . Online dating in the past (dojutsunaruto) (daddykakashi) rated t for language copied this from my fanfiction so some an might tenten (naruto) (1121 . Nejiten (japanese ネジテン nejiten) after neji came up from the hole that he and naruto created, tenten is the only one who sighs in relief.

Fanfiction just in community the adventures of the hyuga & uchiha family all together sasuke x hinata itachi x hanabi neji x tenten naruto starts dating . Sakura might go well with sasuke and tenten will go with neji naruto will go with no characters has even started dating yet though share to: does tenten get . Leeten (japanese リー rock lee and tenten were put on the same team a year before the start of the the naruto spinoff series starring rock lee has also .

You are reading nejiten a high school story (a naruto fanfic) fanfiction what happens when neji and tenten meet in high school for the first time. Hinata was afraid of what she might see, so she asked temari, along with all the leaf kunoichi, to naruto and tenten dating fanfiction along. I've been on fanfiction for a while now and i've read a lot gathering of fanfics that consists of naruto dating older 113 for the love of neji and tenten. Communities » anime/manga » naruto communities ino, tenten, tsunade this c2 was made to showcase the many sides of hinata portrayed in fanfiction. Yet again, with a little extra help is a naruto fanfic written by author third fang set in an alternate universe where akatsuki wins (among other things),.

Naruto and tenten dating fanfiction

Due to his friendly nature, tenacity, empathy, unique charisma, and his ability to change people, naruto uzumaki has built many relationships over the course of the series that have defined him and others. Naruto forums come in to interact with other naruto fans and are gods and neji has been sent to make tenten fall in love with gai because neji's aunt is . An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. Konoha hiden: the perfect day for a he now wants to make sure tenten isn't going to get naruto and hinata the same gift tenten doesn't understand lee's .

  • So apparently tenten (selfnaruto) also hinata never did drop her feelings for naruto lol shino, tenten, shizune, anko, gaara and kankuro dating/married .
  • Tenten dares sasuke and naruto to go out with sakura and hinata hinata and naruto are dating but their relationship isn't naruto dating hinata fanfiction .
  • Tenten (テンテン, tenten) is one of the main characters of the series she is a member of team guy tenten aspired to become a legendary kunoichi like tsunade, but because of her lack of talent with medical ninjutsu, she felt unacknowledged.

Kiba inuzuka (犬塚キバ 'naruto' profile: kiba inuzuka kiba and the rest of the konoha 11 (minus tenten who was away on another mission at the time) . Fanfiction | unleash follow/fav i'm dating who by: thanks again for everything you did for me tenten naruto said happily as the two stood outside of tenten . You need to go say sorry to her idiot sakura yelled at her teammate, ino and tenten nodding in agreement with her since they had nothing better to do, they had decided to watch naruto train, which slightly creeped him out seeing as they have stars in their eyes well, sakura didn't, but the . Fanfiction | unleash ever since he beat neji, she can't stop thinking about him naruto had never seen tenten romantically before, now he notices she is hot.

Naruto and tenten dating fanfiction
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